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The road to ‘Sensorduino’ Part 2 of 3

How do you  move a concept into a prototype? This part of the journey wove a meandering path. We knew we needed help and we started in three directions. Plan A was to find an engineer, engineering company who could

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International Internet of Things Day – Showcase. London IoT Meetup (Nominet UK)

We had a very busy night yesterday at the IOT London Meetup showcase. 22 companies came to demonstrate their products covering Smart Cities, Smart Pets, Smart Homes, Environmental Monitoring, Health, Education, Hardware, Software and Art.  It was a packed crowd

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Useful Resources

Here is a list of the resources we have found on our journey that helped with the design. Ti SensorTag Pansenti’s 9150 Fusion Arduino Library Dr. Michael Kroll Breakout boards Components Sanguino CPU CC2540 open source firmware Processing for visualisation

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Prototyping Progress

We have built two prototype versions and are waiting for our third and final revision (REV C) to come back from assembly. This one is very similar to the first prototype with some kinks ironed out, based on lessons learned.

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The road to ‘Sensorduino’ Part 1 of 3

How do you develop an idea, build a prototype, establish a business and identity outside a corporate in today’s world? Back in October last year Simon and I were investigating the ‘Internet of Things’, evaluating technologies and discussing use cases

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Our first product is coming

We are very excited to be developing our first product for release in 2014. Sensorduino is a 9 degrees of freedom (DOF), Bluetooth Low Energy, battery powered development and prototyping platform for motion sensing applications. It is intended to be

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