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The next step for sensors in IoT – MEMS moves to Time Domain Sensors (TDS)

Today we’ve seen the massive growth of MEMS sensor. To you and I these are the sensors we have in our phones, in our ‘Fitbits’ , they ‘understand’ rotation as in your iPhone, accelaration as per your ‘step’ counter. These

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US FTC ‘Privacy and Security in a connected world’. How secure is the IoT ?

Following the successful Federal Trade Commission IoT Security workshop in November, 2014 (workshop content), the outputs have been published. They have compiled a detailed report from the workshop, ‘Privacy and Security in a connected World’ . Good examples of the

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Moving “Swift” ly Onwards

Back in 1978, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan published the first edition of “The C Programming Language“. The book was central to the development and increasing popularity of the new programming language and is still widely used today. In just

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The road to ‘Sensorduino’ Part 2 of 3

How do you  move a concept into a prototype? This part of the journey wove a meandering path. We knew we needed help and we started in three directions. Plan A was to find an engineer, engineering company who could

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‘Merlin’ holds court at the Houses of Parliament – ‘Safe & Secure Internet of Things’

On 25th March,2014, Lord Erroll, (Merlin to his friends), Chairman of Eyehub hosted a reception at the Houses of Parliament with a panel of experts to discuss, ‘Safe and Secure Internet of Things. The panel represented experts from all aspects

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5 Top tips ‘how to run a successful Kickstarter Campaign’ Kendel Ratley, Kickstarter

  3 weeks ago RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)launched their own area on the platform and they are already having some success (Artspace Bath raised over £10,000). Quite a buzzing audience of RSA Fellows

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The road to ‘Sensorduino’ Part 1 of 3

How do you develop an idea, build a prototype, establish a business and identity outside a corporate in today’s world? Back in October last year Simon and I were investigating the ‘Internet of Things’, evaluating technologies and discussing use cases

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‘Listening’ to Humans – measuring and sensing what we do…..

Today’s ‘Internet of things’ is substantially about sensors. When humans use them in consumer ‘Telehealth’ or even in sports performance management behavioural change can start to happen. Somehow though it’s not as simple and intuitive as it should be. Some

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