About Us

We bring ideas and solutions that scratch the itch to make things more useful… better. An accelerated concept-to-market company, we are designing and building our own hardware, writing software and busy turning data into information.

Why Talking2? In the Internet of Things we miss out on many potential conversations with objects all around us – some of which could affect our health, wealth and happiness. Engaging with things that can listen puts us in the middle of sensing technologies, mobile devices, data and apps. Using the smartphone as the hub in a personal area network and cheap hardware, we can to talk to objects that would otherwise stay silent or just blink at us from a closed, often poorly designed UI. Tennis racquets, cricket bats, teapots, horse whips, bicycles, we are looking at all these things and many more.

We are experienced professionals from organisations such as Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, British Telecom and Cambridge Judge Business School. We have built the strength and depth of experience needed to discover and develop new concepts.

For information please contact us inquiry@talking2.org